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Becoming a Mediator

The Conflict Resolution Centre runs accredited Mediation Skills Training courses for all those who want to learn to effectively manage disputes and resolve conflict early and efficiently.

Very few people ever receive training in how to deal with a conflict situation properly. Direction, clarity and the opportunities for resolution require distinct skillsets underpinned by the ability to negotiate effectively in order to arrive at a positive outcome for all parties.

Our courses are run by some of the most experienced trainers in the field, all of whom are highly respected, practicing mediators. They are committed to equipping all learners with the skills they need to apply effective mediation to their existing practice. This is achieved through constant support and mentoring along the way.

  • Get people on side and keep them there

  • Get what you want in negotiations without burning bridges

  • Motivated engaged teams through brilliant team dynamics

  • Rebuild working relationships even when people aren't getting on