Civil & Commercial Mediation

Civil and Commercial Mediation provides an alternative to lengthy and costly court proceedings in legal disputes between individuals and businesses.

Are parties unlikely to reach a viable solution on their own? Are costs likely to spiral? If so, then mediation is your best option. Professional mediators are an independent third parties endorsed by the judicial system. They are 100% impartial. The primary goal is to reach an early resolution thereby reducing the time, expense, and stress of lengthy litigation.

At The Conflict Resolution Centre our mediators are some of the most experienced, respected and tenacious in the field. Our priority is to achieve the best results for all parties and support them and their advisors through the mediation process efficiently and sensitively.

Civil and Commercial mediation is the best way to address cases such as:

  • Complex financial, regulatory and technical cases
  • Directors’ disputes
  • Property and boundary disputes
  • Disputes with contractors (builders, accountants, surveyors, etc.)
  • Employment disputes
  • Neighbour nuisance and anti-social behaviour
  • Disputes involving probate and inheritance claims (wills)