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Workplace Mediation

Mediation in the workplace is proven to be the most effective way to resolve conflict between employees within a business. It is confidential, impartial and voluntary.

If you feel that relationships have broken down ‘beyond repair’ or that conflict is having a serious impact on personal and professional well-being, then mediation is your best option. Professional mediators are non-judgemental and the primary goal is to leave the parties involved in conflict or disagreement better able to work together or to part ways with dignity.

At The Conflict Resolution Centre, we work to reduce the impact conflict can have on your company’s reputation and the professional reputation of your employees. Our methods are highly effective in reducing the potential for disputes to damage the business and its commercial opportunities.

Workplace mediation is the best way to address problems such as:

  • Difficult conversations about performance
  • Disagreements arising out of change, merger or acquisition
  • Board level disagreements over strategy
  • Team disputes
  • Long standing disagreements between employees
  • Difficulties arising from competition or alleged undermining
  • Accusations of sexual harassment
  • Get people on side and keep them there

  • Get what you want in negotiations without burning bridges

  • Motivated engaged teams through brilliant team dynamics

  • Rebuild working relationships even when people aren't getting on