influential leadership

You are invited to our upcoming Influential Leadership Breakthrough Event for Leaders and Executives who want to:

  •  Improve relationships even when tensions are high
  • Manage Difficult conversations and negotiations with confidence
  • Overcome challenges with clients and partners to create new opportunities
  • Improve relationships even when tensions are high
  • Engender self motivation even if people seem disempowered


This programme focusses on delivering Leaders and Managers
  •  Consistent frameworks to build relationships remotely and face to face
  • A deeper understanding of how we respond to stress and conflict
  • Clear templates to communicate with colleagues face to face and remotely
  • Tools and techniques to build understanding
  • Confidence to lead and be managed through tricky conversations
  • Build resilience and capacity to work through challenging conversations


This interactive programme enables you to proactively and successfully manage differences and potentially difficult conversations.  You will learn how to:

  • Develop a clear and reliable negotiation strategy
  • Encourage colleagues to come to the table in the first place
  • Develop win-win outcomes
  • Diffuse tensions and build trust
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to get achieve your desired outcomes


Whether your are dealing with difficult people, managing teams, negotiating difficult conversations, closing deals or facilitating challenging interpersonal dynamics, this programme will
  • Provide comprehensive, practical tools and strategies to make a success of tough negotiations
  • Deliver skills and knowledge to manage conflict when it arises  with direct reports and members of your team
  • Use mediation skills to work through challenging conflicts and avoid fallout