Mediation Skills Workshops

Managers who receive training in mediation skills are much more able to effectively manage employee disputes and resolve potentially serious workplace conflict early.

40% of managers deal with conflict continuously. This can be devastating to the working environment, the parties involved, and the commercial opportunities of the business. Being equipped with mediation and conflict coaching skills ensures that managers can deal with these situations early and effectively.

The Conflict Resolution Centre believes mediation should be an integral part of any organisation’s culture. We offer professional training in communication, negotiation and resolution skills along with a highly structured framework for managing the mediation process.

Conflict Resolution skills training is proven to have a hugely beneficial impact on employee relations and the working environment, including:
  • Reducing instances of disciplinary action, grievances and sick leave
  • Improving the quality of interactions in the workplace
  • Making employees better at ‘managing up’ and ‘managing down’
  • Maintaining morale in times of change and challenge
  • Helping to understand the ‘bigger picture’ for those affected by conflict