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Henry Minto

“Henry’s skill of listening, intuitively posing the right questions in facilitating thinking, helps his participants to reflect, consider, and weigh up different perspectives and rationale”

Henry is an experienced mediator and solicitor. He prides himself on helping and empowering people and businesses to resolve their disputes and conflicts in a confidential, consensual and creative environment. He believes that the principles of mediation may be applied to any dispute or conflict. Henry’s practice covers a wide range of disputes and conflicts, not just where litigation proceedings have been started or are about to start but also where parties wish to manage or resolve a conflict or potential conflict. Henry has over 30 years’ experience as a solicitor in private practice in London, specialising in complex real estate development, planning and construction. Henry’s style is commercial, flexible, straightforward and pragmatic.

  • Get people on side and keep them there

  • Get what you want in negotiations without burning bridges

  • Motivated engaged teams through brilliant team dynamics

  • Rebuild working relationships even when people aren't getting on