Lawrence Kershen

“You don’t even know he’s in the room, but he is always directing proceedings”

Regarded as a highly effective and experienced mediator of commercial and other disputes, Lawrence Kershen has practiced as a commercial mediator since 1994. His expertise covers a range of disputes in a variety of sectors with a ‘great track record’. With over 30 years experience as a barrister, his understanding of law and litigation helps the negotiation and problem solving process towards the parties’ desired outcome. Lawrence worked as a barrister from 1967, sat as a Recorder of the Crown Court, and was appointed QC in 1992. His litigation experience includes commercial contracts and tort as well as complex and large-scale criminal cases.

Lawrence has led mediation and negotiation training programmes in the UK, Europe and South Asia. Most recently he has completed trainings for judges in Egypt and Morocco. He is qualified as a trainer of communication skills including NeuroLinguistic Programming and Non-Violent Communication. He acted, until recently as Chair of the Restorative Justice Council.