Why Mediation?

Before going to mediation, common questions include “What can mediation deliver?” or “What am I going to get out of it. Often a problem seems so impossible to overcome that it is difficult to see how mediation can help. But it can. Mediation addresses the presenting problem, that has brought people to the table in the first place. It also questions and addresses the issue that may have contributed to the problem in the first place. The mediator can then work with the parties to negotiate and resolve all the issues. This allows a more integral solution that the parties are bought into. This in turn often means that the solution or agreement is more sustainable or durable.

What can Mediation Deliver?

Mediation can often completely change the situation around. Firstly it addresses the practical issues that often need to be negotiated. Secondly it can address challenges in communication. Lastly, it can repair and rebuild some of the trust or relationship challenges that may have aggravated the issue. This provides an opportunity to create new options and solutions. It allows people to admit and acknowledge mistakes without losing face or money. It also allows more dignified resolutions or endings>

How to get started?

It is important that all parties can see a benefit in using mediation. For that they will need their questions or concerns addressed. So, the best way to set up the process is to allow all the parties involved to talk confidentially and put any of those questions to a mediator. This allows them to see how mediation can help them and addresses concerns. The mediator will then help to set up the mediation process. If you have questions, contact us we are always happy to talk a situation through.  Alternatively, join one of our dynamic training sessions which provide an opportunity to network with HR and learning and development professionals as well as provide tools to turn around an unhelpful conflict culture once and for all.