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40% of managers deal with conflict continuously. This can be devastating to the working environment, the parties involved, and the commercial opportunities of the business. Being equipped with conflict management and mediation skills ensures that managers can deal with these situations early and effectively and improves customer service. The Conflict Resolution Centre believes that Early Conflict Resolution and mediation should be an integral part of any organisation’s culture. We offer professional training in communication, negotiation and resolution skills enabling employee engagement and customer retention along with a highly structured framework for managing the mediation process.

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Handling Difficult Conversations Masterclass

Do you work with or manage challenging personalities? Do regularly find yourself needing to have difficult conversations? Would you like to improve your negotiation skills? This intensive session held over a light breakfast will provide you with a set of tools to help you: – Handle challenging personalities – Negotiate more effectively – Prepare for and have potentially difficult conversations What people say about the session

“I have achieved my objective of feeling more confident in dealing with difficult conversations because I now have a strategy to work through”

“really useful”

“practical stuff”

“practical solutions”


Mediation Skills Training (MST)

Want to be able to help resolve commercial and civil disputes? Want to transform commercial disaster into opportunity? Want to have a hugely beneficial impact on employee relations and the working environment? In this 5-day (19, 20, 21, 24 and 25th June) training course we will equip you with the skills required to become an effective mediator, and teach you how to apply these skills in your future career progression. Disputes, conflict and litigation can be devastating to businesses, personal lives, and professional reputations, yet very few people ever receive training in how to deal with such situations effectively. Whether you are a lawyer or business leader, this dynamic and challenging course is an opportunity to learn how to resolve conflict early and effectively. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Master core mediation principles and skills
  • Set up and navigate the mediation process
  • Enable effective negotiation in mediation
  • Manage deadlock and decision making
  • Support effective agreements
  • Create mediation strategies for civil, commercial and workplace disputes
  • Develop strategies for personal

  Course content (5 days)

Day 1: 9 June

  • Understanding mediation in the context of the civil and commercial litigation system
  • Understanding the mediation process
  • Where mediation fits into the litigation process
  • The role of the mediator
  • Preliminary mediation skills

  Days 4 & 5: 24 and 25 June

  • 2-day assessment and feedback
  • 1-hour post course telephone 1:1 on strategies to develop practice
  • 1-hour individual CV development support
  • Support and mentoring to obtain and develop relevant experience.

Days 2 & 3: 10-11 June

  • The phases of commercial mediation
  • The mediator’s role in the negotiation process
  • Mediating in the shadow of the law
  • Co-mediation skills
  • Challenges and Opportunities for personal development
  • Practice case studies
  • Personal development planning


Client Feedback

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone in a similar position to me. I found the course extremely relevant …and the content spot on! I can also see the course would have significant benefits to others within the Organisation.

I would recommend this course to management and union leaders in any organisation.