Front line staff are vital agents in challenging situations on the railways and need to react quickly.  Travelling can be stressful particularly when it’s busy.  Stress is an easy trigger for conflict so good customer support requires capacity to deal with conflict effectively and professionally.

When we need to get somewhere and are under time pressure, it is easy to loose our cool.  Missed trains, lost tickets and overcrouding can all contribute to irritation and anger towards others.  This, coupled with alcohol, excitement or disappointment of a game can easily add fuel to the fire.

The Conflict Resolution Centre worked with Virgin Trains to adopt a creative approach to this issue where the focus was on understanding the customer and not judging their behaviour.  

To resolve any conflict requires a high standard of communication and negotiation. We concentrated on these aspects where the Event Hosts understood the customer’s wants and needs.

 The staff we trained were amazing. They welcomed the opportunity to learn quite complex conflict resolution skills to empower  them in their role.”

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